HTMLViewer.print sometimes fails on desktop windows builds

I have been getting a few reports from users that the print functionality of one of my apps is not working correctly. When they press the print button in my app, it simply calls .print() on a specific htmlviewer in the app window. This has worked fine for years, but suddenly I’m hearing from folks with HP printers that it is not working.

When I remotely log into their computer, I see in the print queue that the job from my app appears but then quickly vanishes from the print queue, with nothing actually ever happening on the printer.

Any idea where to start trying to troubleshoot this? I’ve had 2 reports so far this week, both on HP printers (different models, one was USB, one was over the network).

I am using the WebKit engine in the htmlviewer.

As a follow up: when I call myhtmlviewer.print() is that going to have a substantially different effect than calling myhtmlviewer.ExecuteJavaScript(“print();”) ?

Follow-up: I found that for one of the customers the prints started working if I disabled spooling in their print driver. This has the side effect that my app locks up until after printing has completed, but at least it prints.

Of course I’d prefer to figure out why my app can’t print the way all the other apps on the user’s computer do - with spooling enabled.

Though this is likely an HP-specific issue, if anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful.

How do you disable spooling from your app ? Or are you instructing them how to do it ?

Sorry for the confusion: I disabled spooling at the OS level by adjusting the properties in the print queue itself. Unfortunately, this means that spooling is disabled for all apps, not just mine.

Oh, and we have remote login software that I use to help my customers. I just log into their computer and adjust the print queue spool settings myself.

I had a couple customers complaining that Check Printer was just issuing whte pages from their printer. But in typical Mac App Store customer fashion, they would not care giving any indication about which printer they used, all they cared was to have a refund.

Update: Still hearing from customers with HP network printers that cannot print from my app at all. No clues or help from anyone? Anyone else seeing this? I’m compiling from 2016R3, if that matters.