HTMLViewer on Windows and OSX

While creating an application for Windows 7 and OSX, I noticed that in their respective display of a webpage, it is not the same. While OSX does it correctly, Windows does not. I have included a picture.

The left is OSX and the right two are Windows.

IS there anything I can do on the windows platform (maybe #IF or something else) that will allow me to make that HTMLViewer display accurately? I’m just looking for the normal display of a webpage like most regular normal browsers can do today.



Hi Lee, @Greg O’Lone recently blogged about HTMLViewer on Windows, perhaps it will help:

Alyssa, thanks for the link. I followed up and I understand what to do. Now the question is, where do I put that single line of code?

That line of code is to go into the source of the web page.If you are simply trying to access a web site that you did not design, see

OK, understand that. Now, crazy question: Once I download the source into my text area, why couldn’t I add “that single line” to the source and then reload the HTMLViewer from the source in my text area?

Sounds like a great thing to try.

If you’re going to do that you might want to download it with a httpsocket make your modification then load it into HTMLviewer so the process is less visible to the user.

Xojo folks: i believe I mentioned this before, but I think there’s an error in Greg’s blog post: His table seems to suggest that if you use “IE=Edge” on Windows 10, you’ll get the EDGE browser engine in a Xojo HTMLViewer.

I believe this is incorrect and instead you end up with the IE11 engine in all cases. Could you update the page?

Tim Parnell, I do use httpsocket. So, I guess my question would be once I make my edit, in the text area, how do I send that “newly edited source” to the HTMLViewer in the same window?

Look into
You can load source HTML directly into it without needing to save it.

Looking into this. May take a couple of days but thanks to all for their suggestions (doing wild experiments) LOL


Update: I took a file and performed the edit (actually there were 2 suggestions) and neither one worked on windows.
Here is the path with the suggestions:
My Windows computer configuration :
Windows 7
MSIE 11 - 11.0.9600.18097
Firefox: 42.0
Chrome: 46…2490.86
As I said before, my Xojo app works on OSX with or without the edit to the area but nothing works on Windows.
Here is the path where the three files are:
The one without the edit is: 4QMMT-No.htm
The one with the edit <meta http-equiv=?“X-UA-Compatible” content=?“IE=8” /> at end of : 4QMMT-Yes.htm
In this path is a picture of that edit: Head-edit1.jpg
The one with the edit <meta http-equiv=?“X-UA-Compatible” content=?“IE=edge” />? as the first line after the tag:
In this path is a picture of that edit: Head-edit2.jpg

I just don’t get it. Any help in solving this would be appreciated. I can also send my app if that would help.


You may want to have a look here for a different way to set the HTMLViewer’s browser version using the registry.

Read your suggested link and all related links. Nothing worked until someone mentioned that the inspector would allow the webkit to be set. Doing it in the code didn’t work but in the inspector “=1” did. I can’t explain it but it did work. I tested it on the mac with this change and that continued to work too.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. Great community