HTMLViewer locking up on progress bar

Hello XOJO family,

I’m having an issue with HTMLViewer locking up when I submit my user name and password. Any ideas what could be going on?

I have three controls; the URL field, the Go button, and the HTMLViewer. When I click the Go button it loads the page perfectly. Then type the user name, password, and click or type return to submit the page. Then the page displays an animated progress bar and is stuck this way. Now, if I click the Go Button again, it takes me to the new page. This error persists with both WebKit and Native renderer.

Which platform, wich Xojo release? Can you share the URL to that particular webpage (not the credentials!) only the URL. Can it be that this page is “trying” to open a popup? Besides sharing the URL can you share your respective code in Xojo?

Hi Jeannot,

I’m running on MacOS X 10.14 and I’m using XOJO 2020v1.

The code for the Go button HTMLViewer1.LoadURL(“”)

The code on the HTMLViewer1 is
HTMLViewer1.StatusChanged(label1.value = NewStatus.left(19))


Are you using password credentials or Facebook login? I think it is related to the page calling back, once the verification had worked. That might not work with the HTMLviewer, but only after refresh … something down this line …

Can you try with another page, where you have to log in …

I’m using my email and password. Let me try another sign in page.

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