HTMLviewer links leave IOS home screen

Hello, I have an HTML viewer in my IOS HomeScreen App to show some help pages for the use of the APP.
When I click on a html href link within the website it leaves the home screen App and opens in safari which is not
what I want.

Is there a way to prevent this happening so the html links open a page within the website - within the Home Screen WebApp
without jumping out to Safari ?

Many thanks.

This post should be in the iOS section of the forum.

Maybe your links are target="_blank" or else they should load within the app.

This is a typical example of how Xojo iOS has been severely limited as compared to Desktop.

Although everything is in the framework, Xojo decided not to implement any of the very useful events such as CancelLoad or ExecuteJavaScript.

<> (December 2014)

And it is a tad more complex than a single declare to implement those.

Hi Jeremie, this is not an IOS app it is a WebAPP that’s been saved to the home screen on an iPad. Sometimes Referred to as a Web Clip.

I have tried the target="…" tags, none of them worked.

In fact even using a ‘link’ control will cause the Homescreen App to jump out of itself and use safari. This is
even if the control has no link as such and the URL property is set to # i.e.

LinkControl.OnMouseUp event = Webpage1.Show.
This causes the Homescreen App to switch to Safari and attempt to open the page you want in a new browser screen.

How do I get this back into the Web target forum again ?


Ah, then there’s not much you can do about this without changing the default behavior with JavaScript.

Here’s a discussion about this:

This. Might help

Thanks for your help with this.