htmlviewer interaction with touch screen monitor

Hi… I am writing a windows desktop application for a touch screen kiosk configured to work on tablet mode.
Normally, if you set the focus on a xojo Textbox control, the virtual keyboard appears automatically on screen.
I need that when the user place the focus in a Textbox field of a web page shown in an HTMLViewer control, also the virtual keyboard appears on screen.
More… if I placed a xojo Textbox control beside the HTMLViewer control, when focus goes to the Textbox control the keyboard appears, but when the focos goes to the HTMLViewer the keyboard disapears again.
Any tip for solving this ?

Does changing the rendering engine have any effect?

No Tim… no efect at all.

Are you focusing anything in the HTMLViewer page ? Unless you set focus in the HTMLViewer to something like a TextField, the on screen keyboard will not appear.

Yes… I focus in the HTMLViewer in a textfield of the page shown in the HTMLViewer

The other way would be to display the on screen keyboard yourself. It is a program called osk.exe which is in the Windows\System32 directory, just use launch. The drawback is that the user will need to minimize the keyword himself after use.

Michel, I already had done that as a non so profesional solution. Thanks for the tip.
I hope someone could send me some other tip in order to avoid the user to click on a button to call for the keyboard.
I will appreciate if someone in the forum could give some idea to explore.

AFAIK The HTMLViewer does not receive focus.

If you are in control of the HTML page within the HTMLViewer, you can in JavaScript change the title upon getfocus in the HTML Textfield, so it triggers the TitleChanged even, in which you can display the osk.

Otherwise I don’t see how to work around that.

You may try to use the Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX instead of HTMLViewer. Maybe it will trigger the on screen keyboard.

Good luck.

Do you control the web app? Couple different ways you can do this.

No… web is not of my own.
One particular page was home banking web page.