HTMLViewer ignore certificate errors

I have an internal website that does not have a proper SSL certificate and is on a non-standard port. I need to show the website in an HTML viewer in a Xojo app on Windows. This app is only for one person to use and will never be deployed for any other purpose. The HTMLviewer will not show the site by using .loadurl(“”) . It loads fine in Chrome, although you have to force chrome to get around the certificate error. I suspect it is not showing due to the certificate error. Does anyone know how to get around this or to tell the HTMLViewer to ignore certificate errors? I have tested the native renderer and webkit and neither work.

I think the correct way to work around this issue is to install a certificate on the client machine that will validate your self signed cert.

Thanks Tim… To google I go…

I wish I had more information for you. I’m just starting to look at deployment related setup with Web myself.

The CEF3 has many properties that other wrappers expose but Xojo hides. One of those is the IgnoreCertificateErrors property of the CefSettings object. If you set it to true, self signed certificates fails (and few other certificate conditions) are skipped and the load and render goes on. Maybe it deserves a feature request and we could use WebKit for such use cases. There’s another way CEF devs prefer, that is exposing the OnCertificateError event, and the user handling it, returning true, it continues.

For MacOS, check NSURLRequestCertificateFilterMBS class in MBS Xojo Plugins.
It allows you to ignore certificate errors for some hosts.