HTMLViewer HTML5 Video

Can the HTMLViewer stream HTML5 Video? I’m using WebKit on Windows. I load a page with streaming HTML5 video and it doesn’t start/show the video. It works in Chrome and my other browsers.

I would recommend to try WebView2ControlMBS from MBS Xojo Win Plugin on Windows.

Thanks Christian. Yeah, I could get it to work with WebView2ControlMBS, I was just seeing if anyone had it working in HTMLViewer.

The original HTMLViewer with IE11 may have trouble with latest HTML5 video features.
The Chromium one may not have codecs.

But feel free to try all three ways and let us know.

I couldn’t get Webkit to stream HTML5 video, Native does but it didn’t rendor the rest of the page correctly so its hit or miss. As you mentioned WebView2ControlMBS does just fine.

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