HTMLViewer hangs at certain URLs

My users have reported, and I’ve confirmed, that loading certain URLs into an HTMLViewer results in a hang requiring a force-quit. I filed a Feedback with a simple example, but it was closed because the reviewer claimed that if the HTMLViewer was enlarged there was no hang. Besides this being silly (it would STILL be a bug if the size of the viewer mattered) I can’t reproduce that – it hangs for me regardless of the size of the HTMLViewer. I’ve asked for the case to be reopened but am being ignored.

This is a URL with this issue. I’ve noticed a lot of Javascript activity after it’s loaded in Safari, which may or may not be the cause of the hang…

If someone would take a few minutes to download and run the example and see if it hangs for them I’d appreciate it. I’ve tested with Xojo 2019R1.1 and 2019R2. The Feedback is



I have run into certain URLs that flat out hang Safari
Unfortunately I dont know what it is about them and I have to go into activity viewer and kill the specific subprocess

The same URL loads with the MBS WKWebViewControlMBS and in Safari – the hang in this case is limited to HTMLViewers.