HTMLViewer & GoTo URL

Does anyone know how HTMLViewer.GoToURL works?

You can check the documentation, but GoToURL is a method of WebControls that is used to change the location of the current browser window/tab or open a new window/tab with the specified URL.

This line of Code will navigate the current window/tab to

GoToURL( "" )

This line of code will open a new window/tab and navigate to

GoToURL( "", True )

In case you meant WebHTMLViewer.LoadURL, the WebHTMLViewer that this method is called on will be an HTML iframe object and navigate to the specified URL. For example:

HTMLViewer1.LoadURL( "" )

Hello Anthony !

Thank you for your reply.

I always look at the XOJO documentation, before asking for help.

Unfortunately, in the new elements, it happens that they do not explain it or have no examples.


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