HTMLViewer for loading a PayPal web page on Windows 10


My application uses the HTMLViewer object to load a html page that has the PayPal buy button and load the page using HTMLViewer.LoadURL

The page was loading successfully on Windows 8 and now that I have Windows 10, the following PayPal error message is displayed:

On Mac OSX El Capitan the PayPal page load correctly.

Could this be a HTMLViewer issue? I’m not familiar how the HTMLViewer uses the default browser.


Thank you Michel. I’ve added the code to my application, The PayPal server was probably unavailable as it now loading the page successfully.


Please don’t pop it into an internal HTML Viewer.
The end user has no idea if the page is legit, or if they’ve been taken somewhere else.

Use ShowURL so it launches in their web browser and they can verify everything is secure.