HTMLViewer crashing raspberry

I have seen in other threads (some very old) that the HTMLviewer crashes their apps. Is this still an issue?

Any window that opens a htmlviewer crashes my app instantly. I have installed the webkit per the Xojo instructions without any errors on the install.

The htmlviewer is set to use webkit, so am I doing something wrong of htmlvewer still broken on raspberry?

Here is one of the threads…

I’m seeing the same behavior, crashing when fed the .LoadURL method. Xojo is set to Break on Exceptions, but I’m failing to see what’s causing this crash. I’m running 2018r1, on RPi RASPBIAN STRETCH Linux version 4.14.34-v7+

I’ll go look for any posted Bugs, and file one if necessary.

Found this ticket: <>

And it mentioned installing WebKit (possibly outdated instructions pasted below). I’ll poke around to see if there is a similar install for Raspian Stretch and give it a shot.

[quote]Using Raspbian Jessie with webkit installed using this command:
sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-1.0.0[/quote]

It’s worth mentioning however, that the HTMLViewer works really well for loading local files, including HTML5 content. It’s reaching out for a LoadURL that causes the nasty crash.

Dave, do you mean that you get the catastrophic fail when loading a .PDF?