htmlviewer causing crash

Drag an htmlviewer to a window.
Add a button with an Action event of:

Build for arm32 using Xojo 2015r4, transfer to Pi running a fairly new install of Jessie, chmod -x the app etc.

App launches and is quite happy until the point of loading the URL. Then the app appears to immediately silently quit. There’s nothing relevant in /var/log/messages. I’ve installed libwebkitgtk-1.0.0 or the app wouldn’t run at all, so it’s not that. I’ve tried creating a new project from scratch and rebuilding, same issue - just seems to silently quit when attempting to use the htmlviewer control.

Anyone seen this or able to replicate it?

Haven’t had chance to play with the pi, but do you need to set a renderer for the htmlviewer for the pi?
If so, does changing the renderer make a difference?

We’re aware of this.

Which Feedback-case ? Does this mean that, also with 2017R3, no htmlviewer-control can be used to show a page on the PI. ?

What is the feedback case nr ? 41061 ?

Dave, you take the lazy route here. Of course Greg knows about it, but by pointing out which feebback-case keeps the details, developers who are hit by this issue could simply follow the status and add information if they might have.
BTW does this issue implicit we actually don’t have a useful htmlviewer control on for the PI ? No workaround ?