HtmlViewer Browser Out of Date for Google

When i try to view a google map page in HTMLviewer just recently it stopped working and displays this message

“Your browser needs to be updated to use Google Maps
Your current browser doesn’t work with Google Maps, but you can update your browser to be able to use Google Maps.”

how might the HTMLviewer browser be updated to work again with google maps ?

please advise.

Which OS? What is the value of the HTMLViewer’s Renderer property? What version of Xojo?

I just did a quick test on macOS 10.14.4 and Xojo 2019r1.1 and it works as expected. Same with fully up-to-date Windows 10 using both Native and WebKit renderers.

For MacOS, you may want to check WKWebViewControlMBS control in MBS Xojo Plugins.
It provides newer WebKit browser version for MacOS.

El Capitan / Built with 2015r1: I have a first error, then the error message you mention.

The first error appears in Download ? (I do ony have the application, where can be the project located ???)

Same application built with Xojo 2009r5 / El Capitan.

In both cases, I get a map (of France) then…


xojo 2019 release 1.1
Mac 10.10.5
Render: Native

We have an open request asking for update of the CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework), for various reasons, but that seems not one, since 2016 at least, I guess. I never use native, I want a stable CEF all the time everywhere, avoiding different behaviors, like this one.

10.10 is the reason. Far too old. The minimum system version for the current Xojo release is 10.10.5 so it’s not surprising, really.

The version of the browser renderer in that version predates a whole lot of web advancements.

Change it to CEF, it will fix it.

The renderer property is only used on Windows. For MacOS it always loads the OS renderer regardless of value.

Damn it. I hope we have a Feature Request to fix it.

I know I have at least one, and there’s been no movement on it.

This has been the usual behavior in the Feedback app. That’s why I gave up caring about it, except for betas, when they care partially about the feedbacks.

10.10 will become obsolete by Apple as soon as 10.15 Catalina gets out.
so google is only in advance of some days to announce it obsolete (like it was almost the same last year with 10.9)

Nah. Forget it. This list of “verified” is already huge.

That would be the ideal approach: having the same, modern browser engine on all three desktop platforms. But Xojo has never done that. They’ve always used the Safari version of WebKit on macOS—as the only option—and an option to use CEF on Windows/Linux, but a rarely updated (i.e., always-out-of-date) version of CEF.