HTMLViewer any prerequisite files needed?

Hello. In one of my desktop apps, I use an HTMLViewer to display embedded videos on YouTube. List of videos. Select one from the list, click Play, new window opens with the HTMLViewer and plays the video. Everything works well on both Mac and Windows.

I just had a customer contact me saying he is noticing a crash after he clicks the Play button. This is an isolated issue as I have not had anyone else report any issues, and testing works just fine on both of my machines (Mac and Win). He is running on Windows, and FWIW, I am using the WebKit renderer

He asked, and I did not know nor find anything in the LR, if there are any prerequisite files necessary on his machine, such as Flash or something else. Anyone?

Here is the Play button’s code:

VideoScreen.Show VideoScreen.HTMLViewer1.LoadURL("" + MovieCode + "?rel=0&autoplay=1") VideoScreen.lblMovieTitle.Text = lbxMovies.Cell(lbxMovies.ListIndex, 1)

Again, I receive no errors during testing, and haven’t heard from the many users as experiencing any similar issues

Can you get a crash report from the user? That would go a long way in helping. I also wonder if antivirus might play a role here.

Thanks Anthony. I did request a crash report just now per your suggestion. I’ve never asked for this in the past. After searching online, I found that crash reports on Windows uses Event Viewer and Reliability Monitor, both which can be accessed through the Start > search. Are these the appropriate tools to obtain the crash report?