HTMLViewer and local web pages

I have an app that makes 100% use of the HTMLViewer class to act as a local browser for over 700 local web pages.
During the development, these appear properly and are displayed in the debug ‘play’ of the app. After the build,
the app when executed from the build folder, does not pick up any of the local files. Where and when are local
resources placed in the application? That is, are all the resources to be 'Imported" or are they to be placed manually
in the BUILD…/…/ output folder?

When is: never unless you tell it to
Where is up to you.

Look into the copy files build step.

Just learning where the stumps are. Thanks… So where might that be on either the xojo site or in which of the pdf’s?

Then again… unless you have any viable tips… nevermind… Dang menu! Who in the world puts stuff that needs to be done in a menu.


See “copy file” in Book 3 of the User Guide

Thanks. I didn’t expect this to be trivial… It is really, though requires a wee bit of a steep learning curve.

In case it helps, I just discovered that all my resource files (the ones I drag into the project) for Windows are located at

fImg as FileFolder

So, now you’ve got a handle to your resources folder and can now browse it or do whatever you want with it.

But, really, if you’ve got a set of HTML pages that everybody in your company/group needs to view, you should have them in one location and have your app grab them from there (a server location). That would follow the very important DRY principle… I think. :smiley:

And tada you’ve created a website…

Yep! Ha! Except, you can set it up so it’s only accessible by the special browser he’s created. Or you can set it up on an internal network, only accessible via an internal IP (as opposed to a world-exposed external IP).