HTMLViewer and link

Don’t know if this is possible.
I wrote my own Help system that I include in every app. It’s obviously based on an HTMLViewer control.
All my app windows have a message field along the bottom. Every message has a prefix M001 - M999. The help system always includes an HTML page that describes every message the app can issue.

If a message is displayed and the user doesn’t understand it I want to locate the cursor over the prefix and click, the program can pick up the message prefix, open the help and display the help page for the messages. This much I can do, no problem, but I would like to take it a step further and scroll to the explanation of the message displayed, like a link in HTML ().

The message is displayed in a DesktopLabel.
The HTML page is loaded via LoadPage and is passed a folder item.

Is what I want possible, and if so how?

Thanks, Jack

Use and a tag for the destination.

Read more there: