HTMLView file download

Is there a way to detect a file download from the HTMLViewer? I would like to redirect the downloaded file to my app.

For that we have a WebDownloadDelegateMBS class in our MBS plugins.

Can I get a trial of the plugins?

Sure. Simply download them and try it.

You can download 13.2 and install Main, Cocoa and CocoaBase plugins.

You might try putting some code into the HTMLViewer’s CancelLoad event. If the page/file being loaded matches what you’re looking for, return True from the CancelLoad event (to cancel loading) and use an HTTPSocket to request the URL.

Thanks Andrew-

The issue is the URL is a protected download, so the user needs to be authenticated. If I pull the url and try to download it, it will fail.

With the MBS plugin will the HTMLViewer still download the file? Or am I going to run into something similar with that.

sorry to bump such an old thread… but I am not sure how to use the WebDownloadDelegateMBS in my class. Is there a specific listener that I need to configure?