HTML viewer won't scroll on Chrome iOS

I have a web app that displays HTML pages in an HTML viewer. It works fine in every browser on a desktop computer and works perfectly in Safari for iOS.

If you try to use Chrome for iOS, however, the HTML viewer won’t scroll to reveal more of the web page–the entire screen just tries to pull upward.

Does anyone know a trick to fix this in Chrome IOS so that you can view an entire webpage?

Just an update of what doesn’t work in case anyone has any tips:

First, I tried putting this in the CSS of the actual web page:

body { height: 510px; overflow-y: scroll; }
but it didn’t do anything.

I also tried using buttons to scroll the web page downward using this code:

viewer.executeJavaScript("document.getElementById('"+viewer.controlID+"').getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0].contentWindow.scrollBy(100, 100);")

but that gives me the ‘not allowed because of cross-origin domain’ sort of error. Although, it does work if you only use dynamically-created HTML code and don’t call an actual web page.

What you describe is surprising. All browsers on iOS use the Safari renderer. So they should react the same.

Yes, I never expected that to occur. A web page that extends further than the height of the HTMLviewer in a xojo web project refuses to display scrollbars or scroll the data in Chrome iOS. It works as normal in every other case but this one.

I’m using 2015R3. I know I should update to 2018, but everything else works right now and I hate to introduce anything new if I don’t have to.

Do container controls have the same issue?

I just tested it and they don’t. I have a container control that scrolls perfectly.

I wonder if I could embed a single htmlviewer in a container control and it would scroll correctly…

Have you tried it though? You could load your project in something newer and Run it to see if this issue has been fixed.

I haven’t tried updating yet. I plan on setting up a different computer with a new version of Xojo and see what happens. It may take me several days to get it wrangled, but I’ll post back. I may also see what happens with putting the htmlviewer inside a container since containers seem to be scrolling perfectly.