HTML Viewer - MS Teams Videos (MP4)

Hi all. I am brand new to Xojo but I have been doing some testing with the free version. Unfortunately I’m unable to purchase the software unless I’m sure it can do what I need it to do.

I’m making a new version of an observational program that I have developed in LiveCode for Windows/Mac Desktops and have also developed in Android Studio for tablets. The users can watch a short video in a player object, click coded buttons while the video plays. The button code clicked and current play time of the movie are written to a cvs. It’s fairly basic, but extremely useful to the people that use it.

I am now trying to get it to work with video clips that are located in MS Teams. The main difficulty I am having with LiveCode is that their Browser Object uses Chrome (CEF). This works fine when logging in to MS Teams. However, it will not play the movies in the object. There is not a solution forthcoming. Downloading the movies are not an option for project. The next difficulty will be to get my buttons to work with the web object, but that won’t be an issue until I solved problem 1.

I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if HTML Viewer successfully plays mp4 video that are located in MS Teams. I’ve gotten as far as it trying to login to Teams but doesn’t recognize the authentication text and waits and then fails. I’m hoping this is because I’m in testing mode and will work when compiled and deployed. Although, I notice the webkit is CEF for XoJo also, and native IE, but unfortunately MS Teams does not support IE since March, so I expect my problems may not be solved by Xojo Desktop App either.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Why should or should not something work in debug mode? Please post your code for authentication. The MBS plugin has support for Chrome on Windows as far as I remember.

“Why should or should not something work in debug mode?” No, idea.
the MBS plugin has support for Chrome on Windows as far as I remember.. As far as I know this is CEF (which can’t play mp4s).
Simply tested with “HTMLViewer1.LoadURL(fldURL.Text)” action on button (btnLaunch), URL from text field (fldURL)…see screenshots below…1 per reply…

I just wondered if anyone has logged into TEAMS and played a video in HTML Viewer?

second screenshot

3rd screenshot…

Oh sorry, I read that you want the software only for Windows. The html viewer isn’t exactly a browser. What authentication is Teams doing?

Yes, the users are only on Windows for this version…there’s an MS authentication app on my phone…I login to teams on the web browser and it pushes a request to the phone (see screenshot below)…I approve on the phone and it logs in on the browser (see next screenshot)…with my test Xojo is hanging after the requests is approved on the phone (that’s why I thought xojo free/paid might have differences), so if someone could login to their Teams and play an mp4 I could proceed.

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