HTML Viewer cursor problem

In my program I have an HTMLviewer that shows maps. On a windows
platform everything works good.

On the Mac the Hand(cursor) disappears when over the map. It’s like
the Hand(cursor) is going behind the map that is showing.
The Hand(cursor) will show up in certain spots on the map but for the
most part it disappears on most of the map.

Does anyone know why this might be happening on the Mac ?

I was playing with the Eddies Electronics Example on the Mac and it
works OK in the example.

Does anybody know why this might be happening ?

Have you tried viewing the same map in a regular browser?
Perhaps its the webpage… not you program

Dave I am pretty sure it’s in my program. It works ok on windows but not on the mac.

I tried the example Eddies Electronics that has the map routine and it works on both
Mac and Windows. I matched my program settings for the HTMLviewer as in the example
but no luck. If there are hot spots on the maps the hand will show but not anywhere else.

It’s like the hand is under the map.

The fact that it works on Windows and not on Mac still does not limit it to you program… especially as you say it WORKS in WIndows.
Remember HTMLViewer uses the web engine of the platform you are on. So it may be that in Safari on Mac it also won’t work…
But you won’t know that until you rule it out.

My default browser is FireFox on the Mac but I have set Safari as the default and same problem.

Now I tried Eddies Electronics example and it works fine on Windows and Mac with either of the
browsers set as default. If Eddies Electronics example works fine then it has to be something in
my program I would think.

Lets recap here.
a) It works in your app in Windows?
b) It does NOT work in you app in OSX?
c) it does work in Internet Explorer in Windows
d) it does NOT work in Safari in OSX?
e) Eddies electronics example does NOT use the same webpage that your app does?

Based on above responses I will assume …
a) YES it does work
b) YES (it does not work)
c) YES it works
d) YES it does not work
e) no my app shows a different webpage than the Eddie example

If those are the correct answers based on my assumptions and your observations… then this tells me…
There is NOTHING wrong with you code… It is something in the Webpage that WebKit on OSX does not like.

Simply boil it down to the commonlity… at those times it does not work is on OSX regardless if you program or a Browser… yet other webpages DO work in your browser… leaving only the webpage itself as the culprit