HTML viewer copy contents

I am using the html viewer to display a SVG. However, the render time is 1/2 a second - as my app uses a very specific timer, I need to make the image (the sVG) appear almost instantly.

Is there a way to render to a HTMLviewer offscreen and then copy the contents to a picture… I would probably do that in a thread setup for it…
Any ideas?

what is in/on the HTML viewer for that 1/2 second time? another webpage?
why not render the SVG in a 2nd HTMLViewer, and swap them on-screen, then it will “appear” to be instant

That’s what I was thinking… I use a console program to create the SVG… then it takes a little while (500 ms or so) to render it to the webpage…
When you say swap them… Do you mean…Once the SVG is in the off screen HTML viewer, it will render instantly in a 2nd viewer?

Or is there HTMLviewer command to do that?
or - I render it alternatively between 2 HTMLviewers and swap between them position-wize (so one is off screen (above) and the 2nd is on screen and showing while the offscreen one is being rendered)

Also, is there a way to get rid of browser scroll bars (Probably a java script)

This will do it, but the HTMLViewer will no longer scroll, even with the mouse wheel :

HTMLViewer1.ExecuteJavaScript(" = 'hidden';")

legend! I don’t want any scrolling - in fact I don’t even want people to know it’s an HTMLViewer :slight_smile:

Actually, that didn’t work - when my svg loads, it still shows the scroll bars…
I tried it before and then after the code where it opens it.

You don’t use any HTML, right ? You just load the SVG as is ?

Then there is no way I know of, besides making the SVG the same size or smaller than the HTMLViewer.

You may try to wrap your svg into HTML :