HTML UTF-8 Encoding... I'm lost...

I give up. I tried to not post but I can not solve this issue…

I downloaded an email which has HTML. In gmail it renders fine. In my isp webmail page it renders fine too. In a html viewer it doesn’t.

But that’s not the main point, because I just need to parse some info from the body. The thing is that all the accented characters show up as UTF8 code… for example “habitacin” = habitaci=C3=B3n

Can anyone enlighten me, please… I need to be able to get the names and other stuff from this emails with the correct characters…

thanks a lot.

Maybe I should add that I am not downloading the email to a folderitem, but rather just “printing” it to a text area…

What do they show up as in the HTML source code?

Email and HTML probably have different means of storing the unicode characters. In HTML you would use &#code, while it looks like email encodes =code. The webmail apps you use are probably designed to make this conversion.

You may need to convert the character yourself.

Well If I select “show original” in Gmail which afaik shows the HTML code it shows exactly the same “habitaci=C3=B3n”

I have to manually (programmatically) detect all the UTF8 chars in the doc and convert them…? Is there not a method for this ?

Unicode: U+00F3
UTF-8: C3 B3

Does this help?

you may want to decode printed quotable encoding.

hey, thanks all! I know C3 B3 it’s .

But how do I decode it ?

I mean, Christian… how do I decode printed quotable encoding ?

this ?

maybe you check the email client example coming with MBS CURL Plugin?

I think I got it ! Thanks soo much !