HTML or RTF editor?

Hi All,

I am looking for an editor which allows users to edit a text page with images, something like a much simplified MS Word. I am using a Windows app as ‘Content Management’ and would like the edited content to be displayed by a webpage which is written by PHP. Should I look for a HTML editor or RTF editor?

bkeeney FTC ???

There are some third-party Plugins that leverage the power of existing HTML editors (TinyMCE?) and can be used with Xojo.


See for example, but there are more. Maybe search the forum for HTML editor?

@Tony Lam - please contact @David Cox - he gave a good presentation about his solution with CKEditor last Friday at a meeting we had in London.

Just found that I still have an active GraffitiSuite account, will check out their HTML editor first, thanks all.

At the Xojo London conference I showed how I have been able to modify CkEditor to work within an HTMLViewer on macOS, Windows and Linux plus the web.

Good for you, but how does this help the original poster?

It is an HTML editor that looks like Word including images (local or remote) — check out If I have misunderstood his question then please correct me. This is a cool solution you can buy from Gate 61 ( and

That’s better … :wink: