HTML Editor for iOS?

I have built HTML Editing into my macOS and Web apps using GraffitiSuite, but is there any equivalent for iOS?

I was wondering if GraffitiSuite, gHTML or cKEditor on a web host could be be used, in case I cannot get a local editor. Anyone done this?

I had started work porting GraffitiHTMLEditor to iOS years ago. I did a survey at that time asking “Would GraffitiHTMLEditor for iOS be something you would want?” and sent it out via the newsletter. The responses I received were “No”, so I didn’t pursue it further.

This is something I could possibly be convinced to tackle again.


Is Xojo missing major items for iOS (eg JavaScript functions) or are all the pieces there, but work is needed to make it functional?

At the time, Xojo was missing functionality to make it workable but I was able to accomplish what I needed with declares. I have not since reevaluated.

I just loaded up a blank iOS project, and it appears that this will still require significant declare work.

If you need Javascript execute features, they are available in iOSdesignExtensions

I must have missed that particular newsletter because I would have responded with “yes, yes, please yes” :slight_smile:

This is something that I need to address in my app and, like David, I’m currently having to consider using something web-based for HTML editing instead of something that will work offline within our mobile app.

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I’ll dig through my prototype project backups today and see if I can dust this off.


Hi Anthony,

Did you have time to have a look your early prototype and did you have time to dust it off ?

I am evaluating Xojo for iOS now and htmleditor for iOS would be a big plus.

I did look at it, but it’ll take a significant amount of work to get it ready. There is some functionality missing in the MobileHTMLViewer that I’d have to replicate, and I’ve been absolutely swamped with work on my Xojo Web products. I do plan to get this going at some point, but I can’t say for certain when that’ll be.

Thank you for your quick reply.

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