HTML decoding

Hi All,

I have a text like

Μου ?ρεσε η εναλλαγ? μεταξ? παρ?ντος και παρελθ?ντος

and I need to convert it to

??? ????? ? ???????? ?????? ???????? ??? ???????????

How do I do this in Xojo?

Looked everywhere but I don’t find it. I’m probably overlooking what’s obvious…



This is from the Filemaker plugin, but the Xojo plugin has the same function:

Here is it for Xojo: DecodingFromHTMLMBS in MBS Xojo Util Plugin.

Was hoping to do this without plugins, but so be it…
Thank you both for replying.

you can make a many replaceall method with all possible characters.
it’s quite heavy to do it, but so without any plugin.
and then you have it on hand.

Thanks Jean-Yves, I’ll do this indeed.

some 26 replaceall calls, times 2 for the uppercases