HTML, CSS, and JavaScript book - in progress

Just a friendly teaser, the book I Wish I Knew How To… Program HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Xojo is in progress. Not sure if it will be ready by the end of December or not, but I’ll continue to try to meet that deadline.

So far there are over 210 pages and over 50 example programs have been created and these examples are all created for the WebControlWrapper. Some of the chapter header titles are: Images and Shapes, lists, Tables, Buttons and JavaScript, HTML Canvas Animation (typically 60 fps), Sound, Loading JavaScript, and more.

Thanks for the friendly emails checking on the status of the book.

Hello Eugene,

Thank you for working so hard on your books. Personally, I like them all very much because there is much to learn and you teach in an easy understandable way.

Based on your introduction here, I think it is about HTML5. It would be even greater if this would be true.

Keep your creativity coming and the good work up!


Hi Chris.

Yes, your right, this is based on HTML 5. This is an intermediate book and it is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The aim of the book is to use these three languages in Xojo. For those who are not familiar with these languages, there are many other great resources on the internet that will teach you these basic skills.

Thanks for your support!

Any ideas on projected cost? I’m definitely interested in this…

The price will probably the same as the previous books at Great White Software, $8.99 each.

Thanks to Norman for his website which allows the prices to remain low and available to readers around the world!

Hello Eugene,

Exactly what I wanted to hear.

Indeed we can both you and Norman (Palardy) be thankfull for the nice resources on the Great White Software website.

Keep up the good work. I will buy your book when it is out.