HP Digital Signage Monitor Touchscreen

I’m working on a client project where they are using an HP Digital Signage Monitor (42 inches) with touchscreen. The monitor itself is no problem but the touchscreen doesn’t appear to work with Xojo applications. On my Lenovo touchscreen I get the MouseDown event in my canvas just fine but on the HP signage I get nothing. Similar issues with a generic button: Lenovo it works fine but on the HP it doesn’t work.

Anyone have experience with one of these monsters and any idea on where to go from here?

Forgot to mention this is Windows 10 64-bit running at 32-bit application.

Does the Windows system recognize the touch events?

I can see the Touch Events. Thanks for the hint.

Agreed. Many touch screens come with a driver or config program that allows you to switch to mouse events. Just remember that you may have to hide the cursor in this mode.

Please check MBS Win Plugin classes for touch events on Windows:

See aso

I’m actually using the WinPointerEventsMBS class to get the touch events. The fun part I’m having now is that the monitor is rotated 90 degrees but the touch event coordinates are still presented as landscape. And the coordinates are global to the screen not to the window.

So far, I’ve not found a configuration utility for this silly monitor/touchscreen.

Can you not just rotate the coordinates yourself?

@Bob Keeney I have a similar issues I am working with. Digital sign with a LCD TV, Raspberry PI and a wireless keyboard. Lucky I dont have to deal with Touchscreen issues.

Good Luck!

@scott boss Linux was an option but I couldn’t get the rotation of the monitor to work properly. Plus, there’s another piece of hardware that is missing a Linux driver. So…we stick with Windows since everything works.

I have. I just hadn’t done that at the time.

Things like dialogs and buttons are NOT responding to touch events which kind of stinks. Not sure what I’m going to do about that.

So the touch coordinates are wrong, but the UI displays with the correct orientation?

Yup. Figuring the relative coordinates wasn’t too tough.

The bigger part is that standard Xojo buttons/controls aren’t responding to the touch events. My guess is because the coordinates don’t reset.