HowTo code to download/upload files ?

I searched in the Xojo documentation to know how new comers (Xojo current targets) will download / upload files in the internet, to no available.

Usually, I start to code, then, later, and only if I have trouble(s), I start to think. This time, I decided to do the reverse: add a new HTTPSecureSocket Class and think.

My mind is blank (for unknow reason), so I searched how to in the Xojo documentation.

Link / idea / tea / sympathy / etc. are welcome. :wink:

Done know if it helps but there is a sample downloaded in the examples, if i recall correctly

Yes, there is an example in Xojo. Communication > Internet > URLConnection > FileDownloader

I’ve used this in past projects, and it works well. This is to download files. Not sure if there is an upload example