How to wrap for Sys access


I have written a small application, which among other things creates a database and a Preferences file in a folder in ~/Library/Application Support/, and which also reads and writes to the System startup items system. This app runs perfectly out of the Xojo IDE, and also as a Built application. When wrapping the application with Application Wrapper 3, however, only the functions referring to the database and to the Preferences work correctly, but operations involving the startup items fail.

Can anybody enlighten me as to how to perform the wrapping process so that also the latter part of my app will work after wrapping?



AFAIK, if you want to put it in the MAS Apple will reject it because this is no longer allowed.
Maybe you need to add a temp. cert. for accessing the Startup Items?

How are you accessing (writing into) the startup items?

In previous versions of OS X, it is possible to add login items by sending an Apple event, by using the CFPreferences API, and by manually editing a property list file. These approaches are deprecated.

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Hi Sascha,

I am using LSSharedFileListMBS.


[quote=174736:@Strange Ross]Hi Sascha,

I am using LSSharedFileListMBS.


Maybe @Christian Schmitz can help you?

He might…