How to use SVN branching?

I wanted to have an adventure today and tried to use SVN branching. I’ve still got plain vanilla external items - a mix of binary files and xml.

After finding out how this work in Cornerstone I open my freshly branched project and notice that every §$%& project item points to the main branch. Does Xojo use aliases or relative paths? No, it seems to be absolute paths.

I tried to reimport all 480 classes and almost as many icons but only managed to make a mess.

Why does Xojo try to be clever? Why does this clever fail?

Does anyone have an idea how to handle this? The main problem seems to be the name of the parent folder. When I rename that to the old name then the external items are found.

At the moment I don’t want to change to text format.

Xojo 2013r4, Mac OS 10.9.2.

Bump. Does nobody have an idea how to tackle this? Am I the only one crazy enough to do this?

Just saved the main project as xml and had a look. Now I understand why i’ve got problems:

Macci:Users:beatrixwillius:Documents: Datei:Development:Mail Archiver:Classes:HelpClasses:Notification Manager:NotificationCenter.rbo
…\…\…\…\Documents\ Datei\Development\Mail Archiver\Classes\HelpClasses\otification Manager\otificationCenter.rbo

Nice! I’ll try to change the paths.

Nope, not even editing the paths in the xml changes anything.

I’ve got a large .net project that I have had to branch a few times, but I’ve never tried it with Xojo. It’s been a while since I’ve done it and can’t remember the specifics of how I did it. The only time I’ve branched is when I’m adding a new feature that is going to take a considerable amount of time to complete and test.

I’m sure someone on the Xojo team will have some advice, but I’m sure they are pretty busy at XDC right now. If I can get a chance at work, I will try to branch a small project and see what happens.

I’ve branched a xojo project in Cornerstrone/SVN - it works fine. The key is that you have to be using a combination of : VCP format (now called “text” format) projects and all external items must be XML.