How to use Source Code Versioning?


First let me say, that I have no experience in using any versioning tool on the Mac. I also never used SVN etc.

At work, we have a very simple to use, self developed versioning tool. This tool is a bit like CVS. You start changing code in the IDE and the tool automatically checks out the required files (or inform you that someone else already did and blocks you from editing) into your workenvironment. Once you’ve finished work, a authorized user can view the diff between current checked in version and your workcopy. If satisfied, the user can check in the new version of the file and it becomes part of the product.

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For my private joy I use Xojo

Is there a simple to use way to have versioning for my Xojo Projects?

As said I have no experience with SVN, Git or any of the others on MAc.

Is there a tutorial somewhere or can anyone give a brief explanation of how to use Versioning in Xojo?

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p.s. Im on a MacBook Air OS 10.8.4

I already installed Apples Command Line Tools to get SVN, but I have no idea how to use it :slight_smile:

I use GitHub for all my projects. Their git client (Mac, Win32) is very nice and automatically integrates with their (free or paid) web service. Just save your projects in XML or xojo_project format and point the git client app at the save folder.

I recommend checking out Spolsky’s general primer which focuses on Mercurial, but the same concepts apply to GIT.

I also love the free SouceTree Mac app for both GIT and Mercurial. (Personally prefer Mercurial, but SourceTree makes using both nearly identical).

Another really good one is: If you are new to version control, learn distributed. Centralized like SVN certainly have their place and their following, but once I got over the slightly steeper learning curve of DVCS it is was worth the effort.

There is also the Git Book which is a pretty good book for using Git, both introductory and in-depth.

Check out User Guide Book 4: Development, Chapter 5: Code Management, Section 2: Using Source Control.

It shows you how to get set up with both Subversion and Git.

Thanks to all

[quote=25111:@Jason Cox]
I also love the free SouceTree Mac app for both GIT and Mercurial. (Personally prefer Mercurial, but SourceTree makes using both nearly identical).[/quote]

i used SourceTree too but with rbp instead of the text format. So far so good.

Then you are using it as a glorified backup service. If you use the .rbvcp format, you can diff the files, merge branches, etc…

i have arbed… and able to the diff with it. I was having problem with rbvcp on r1 where the backcolor change to white or green when i save it rbvcp from rbp.

Forgot about that…again.