How to use NSApplicationMBS.NSApplicationDidChangeScreenParametersNotification?

Following the discussion in I found that MBS can tell me when a monitor gets removed. But where and how do I use this notification?

Usually with NSNotificationCenterMBS class.
See examples.

Thanks! I don’t understand the examples for NSNotificationCenterMBS. The core with NSNotification seems to be

[code]n = NSNotificationCenterMBS.defaultCenter

o = new MyObserver
n.addObserver o, NSUserDefaultsMBS.NSUserDefaultsDidChangeNotification[/code]

What would I need to use here for the notification?

However, the example “Dock menu with ApplicationDelegate” has the event that I need.

NSUserDefaultsDidChangeNotification? Really?

You want a notification if preferences of your app change?

@Christian: no, of course not. That was in the example I checked. I’m not sure what I need to use instead. The observer is a notification observer type. The ScreenChange thing is a string.