How to use Emoji/Glyphs in PDFTextArea

How can i print Glyphs like german Umlauts to a PDFTextArea?
I’ve already tried to use a Text Object instead of a String object. And the encoding is UTF8 (text is created within the App, not taken from anexternal source).

Currently Emojis like :slight_smile: and Umlauts like ö resulting in garbage text.

Var d As New PDFDocument(PDFDocument.PageSizes.A4)

Var f As FolderItem
f = SelectDestinationForPDF

Var g As Graphics = d.Graphics
g.FontName = PDFDocument.StandardFontNames.Helvetica

Var intMaxLength As Integer = 800

  Var ta As New PDFTextArea(d.CurrentPage, 80, 100, d.PageWidth-180, d.PageHeight-180, "Beschreibung " + Str(d.CurrentPage), txtTextForPDF)
  ta.ReadOnly = True
  LoremIpsum = LoremIpsum.Middle(intMaxLength)
Loop Until LoremIpsum.Length < intMaxLength


Please, may you fill a bug report about this? Not that much for the emojis thing, that would be implemented a bit later, global for all the PDFDocument drawing stuff, but for umlauts and so.

Thank you @Sascha_S, and happy new year! :+1:

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Done: <>
Thank you @Javier_Menendez and a happy new year too! :slight_smile: :blush:

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