How to use DesktopMoviePlayer?

I’m trying to use the moviePlayer control for desktop windows, I used the project contained in the examples but I can’t make it work. my system is w10 pro, xojo2023r4 or xojo2024r1

I tried to create a new project and open a file as reported in the documentation

Var f As FolderItem

f = FolderItem.ShowOpenFileDialog("*.mov")
If f <> Nil Then
  MoviePlayer1.AutoPlay = True
  MoviePlayer1.AutoRepeat = False
  MoviePlayer1.Movie = Movie.Open(f)
End If

but the player ignores the .mov file or mp4 that I feed it, is anyone using this control?

The movie player relies on the codecs installed on your system to play the movie file. You may not have the required codecs to play what you’re trying to play. Try to play a wmv file, which Windows should come with the codec for preinstalled. If that works, you’ll likely need to install something like the k-lite codec pack in order to play the files you want.

Hi @jury_buono1 ,
For .mp4 I just tried on Windows 10/11 with Xojo 2023R4 and 2024R1 and it played fine

The .mov will not play as Win 10/11 the codec is missing as @Christian_Wheel mentioned.

You can try the codec pack Christian suggested (thanks Christian) but I ended up using The MBS Xojo VLC Plugin

Does the MBS VLC player fix this problem? MoviePlayer goes black just before starting a movie - #11 by AlbertoD

Keep in mind, mp4 is a container and not a codec. Your system still needs whatever the codec is that is contained within that mp4. A lot of people tend to assume that mp4 always contains h.264 but that is not always the case.


Yes very true, I remember creating some tutorials for work in Camtasia and had set the codec wrong when generating the mp4 and it would not play :laughing:

Hi @Julia_Truchsess
You mean the black screen?
If I remember correctly it did but my memory has been bad lately :grin:
It is an app I made for work to play training (.MOV) videos so I would have to check this week.

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ok, but if i can play the file with windows (10) base player, the codecs are just on system