How to use DesktopChart.ScaleFactor

The differences in data are in [1-6]000.00 to [1-6]000.99 and with autoscaling of DeskTopChart all the bars are of the same height. So I thought when I make the scaling smaller I will see the differences better. I found ScaleFactor in DeskTopChart, but I cannot find documentation about how to use it.
I bet someone might know :slight_smile:

You’re confused because Geoff blew away most of the documentation regarding class inheritance. He really said it’s an advanced topic and people won’t need to understand it.

Here’s someone needing to understand it.

DesktopChart is inheriting that property from a parent, which doesn’t do anything relating to charting. It’s the screen DPI scale factor property of canvas.

File a ticket for better documentation and tell them Julian and Tim sent you for class inheritance.

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ok, thanks. I will do. Issue ticketnumber: *

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I put a :+1: on your issue :grinning:

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Hi @Rob_Valk

ScaleFactor is an inherited property from its Super class and not applicable to Desktop/MobileChart.

That is documented (the Parent and other related classes) at the bottom of the documentation page for DesktopChart (under the “See Also” section): DesktopChart — Xojo documentation

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ok, thanks for the info.
Can you tell me if there will be introduced and easy way to put a min and max value to the scaling of a chart, so I can show the differences (how small they are) better in my apps. Like I said before, the difference between 2935.60 and 2935.75 one can almost not see in the chart currently. (These are values in meters, so TwoThousandNinehundredThirtyFive point sixty and TwoThousandNinehundredThirtyFive point SeventFive meters.)

Yeah, when moving the cursor over the bar/line points will display a popover with the actual value… so these minimal differences are “read”; but, as you say, there is not currently way to display that so small differences at < 1 screen point (related with the own control size on the containing control/window).

Please, it would be great if you file a Feature Request case (and if you include an example project that would be just tremendous!) so we can take an eye into it and provide some way to better represent that in a future release. :+1:

I craeted enhancement issue Enhancement request for DeskTopChart for scaling the chart (ScaleMin and ScaleMax) (#73091) · Issues · Xojo Inc / Xojo · GitLab for having new properties ScaleMin and ScalMax to the properties (Names of the properties are ofcourse a thought)

Thank you @Rob_Valk ! +1