How to Upload to App Store

I’ve been watching Xojo videos on how to upload an iOS app to the app store. So far, everything has gone smoothly until I reached the portion where I actually upload the app in App Store Connect. Obviously, the procedure has changed because Xcode no longer contains the Application Loader tool.

The download help in App Store Connect says to use the Archive utility in Xcode and the Archive utility in Xcode says to enable the server bot, and enabling the Xcode server seems to be a dead end.

Has anybody done this recently and have any tips? I feel like I’m wandering blindly down a rabbit hole…

Follow-Up: I found that there is now something called the Transporter that is available on the App Store. I uploaded the .ipa file via the Transporter app. About an hour later, I refreshed my App Store Connect application and the build was available for me to select. (successfully uploading your first app is more complicated than actually coding your first app).