How to upload file on FTP in iOS

Here, I have to upload xml file on FTP server in my project. But I dont know how to upload file to FTP in iOS using XOJO. Please any one tell me to how to do this ?

Thanks in advance

AFAIK there is no FTP support available. But you can use httpSocket if your server supports it.

You can write your own low level FTP class.

Or use HTTPS to talk to a server app written in Xojo which does the FTP/FTPS/SFTP transfer.
For that ftp proxy app on a server, you could use my CURL plugin.

Can you please tell me how to send file using HTTP Socket and also how to identify that file is received on server side

Thanks in advance

You’re going to have to do a little of your own work here.

You need to make the decision of how to receive the file on the server. Whether it be with a Xojo Web app or if you want to use PHP or some other server-side language to receive and store your file.

You are also going to find that there is a lot less example code for you to copy and paste when it comes to more complete solutions. If you don’t want to write it yourself you could hire a consultant

i’d like to add

ChilKatsoft has a very nice FTP2 package PlugIn for XoJo. it is not free, must purchase a licence, but it is a great package. I’ve used it before on VB6…

I tried a freebie class that was floating around the web about 7 years ago and it caused way more headaches than the money I saved. I finally moved over to the CURL plugin from Monkeybread software and haven’t had any problems with that part of the code since.

i agree, to spare the headaches and get on with production, just buy the licences

Neither of these will work on iOS - the OP’s original goal

Has anyone gotten FTP working with IOS?

upload/download? SSL?

Because I think simply loading FTP works with my MBS Xojo Network Kit.