How to turn off Multi Row Selection in WebListBox

I see a Property that allows me to turn off Multi Row Selection in a ListBox but not in WebListBox. Do I have to somehow trap Shift-ArrowDown to stop this?

WebListbox cannot be selected with shift-arrow keys it seems, only the mouse.
Even then, the selection is artificial. It’s a CSS property to look like a selected row, cmd-c would do nothing.

If you override the “SelectionStyle” property with a Style that has a transparent background, you can negate the visual effect.

Hi, Tim.

Actually I meant trapping Shift MouseDown.

If I override Selection Style Property like you suggest, I won’t see the row that is indeed selected. I do want the selected row highlighted. Just not more than one.

I just found some code for this suggested by Paul Lefebvre ( that seems to work fine:

Dim row As Integer = Me.ListIndex For i As Integer = 0 To Me.RowCount-1 If i <> Row Then Me.Selected(i) = False End If Next