How to test Network Reliability?

We have a web app that is running on Xojo Cloud and performing in a stable manner in the United States, however when a client in the Philippines attempts to submit an application through our service, the application is bouncing her out without an Unhandled Exception message popping up. What is the best way to test for network stability in order to help remedy our situation?

That’s not network stability. An unhandledException means that some condition you didn’t plan for is happening. I suggest putting some code in Session.UnhandledException and log the stack to a file.

Also, the stack should be present in the dialog the user is seeing.

They probably lost the connection and pressed a button mutiple times. As greg said, your better of testing for your unhandledException first to check for coding problems. About the connection, if it’s too slow and cuts out it can behave strange if users keep clicking. (i’d say test it, keep clicking a button and pull internet connection off)

The problem we are having is that the application is NOT throwing out an Unhandled Exception error message.

Ah, when you say “bouncing”, what actually happens on the users end?