How to test if an indexed checkbox is checked?

I have an indexed checkbox that returns an error code:

if Window1.CB_Thumbdail.Value = true then 
//try too CB_Thumbdail(index).Value

This method is protected. It can only be called from its class
Type “Int32” has no member named “Value”

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if CB_Thumbdail( index ).Value = true then

Will work and is the correct way of accessing the item.

You can only access the properties of the control outside of the window if the control is Public. The coloured box around the control names would suggest that it isn’t (although I don’t recognise the colour).

You also have to be careful of using a window instance and not a window class name in your reference. Assuming the window is called Window1 you should not try and access it as:

if Window1.CH_Thumbdail( 0 ).Value then

as Window1 is the name of the window class, not a reference to a specific instance of that window.

For example:

Var MyWind as New Window1
if MyWind.CB_Thumbdail( 0 ).Value then

is good and:

Var MyWind as New Window1
if Window1.CB_Thumbdail( 0 ).Value then

is not.

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CB_Thumbdail is a control set, and as such, does not have a value property.
(Which is what the error message is telling you)

The error that you get with CB_Thumbdail(index).Value is more useful.

If you are asking for that value in the ValueChanged event , then you would be looking for ‘Me’

if me.value = true then
  msgbox "Item " + cstr(index) + " is now true"
  msgbox "Item " + cstr(index) + " is now false"
end if

If you are checking the values when the window closes, then it would be something like this:

dim bWantsColor as boolean = cb_thumbdail(0).value
dim bWantsItalic as boolean = cb_thumbdail(1).value

If you want to access these values from another window, then it would be

dim bWantsColor as boolean = SomeWindowName.cb_thumbdail(0).value
dim bWantsItalic as boolean = SomeWindowName.cb_thumbdail(1).value
//assuming these controls are PUBLIC

if the controls are not public, then the window could set global variables in the ValueChanged event, or could set the value of member variables on the window, and allow other windows to access the values using access methods

Obviously if you are using API2 (I dont) , then it will be Var and index.tostring

Hi @Jeff_Tullin You do not want SomeWindowName in your references. You want SomeWindowInstance. As I said accessing by the classname is not a good idea. You could have 5 different windows all of class Window1. You want a specific window.

Thanks Ian.
I know that.
Perhaps for the benefit of clarity I should have said SomeWindowInstanceName.
Implicit instance as an aide for VB coders has much to answer for.

For the benefit of the OP:

If you add a new window to your project, it may get called Window1

Never use Window1.something in your code

Create a window object of that Window type.
Call it Banana if you like

Dim Banana as new Window1 //( I want a window that looks like this)
Then use Banana.cb_thumbdail(0).value