How to tell a textfield to loose focus from another window

I’m trying to send some text over from one window to a combo box in another window, then have it (the combo box) loose focus. Sending the text over works fine, but I can’t figure out the syntax to have that combo box loose focus. There is “ClearFocus” in the documentation, but like half of Xojo’s entries, no sample syntax to go with it. Losing the focus triggers more actions on the combox window, so I want to keep that intact. Or being able to send the TAB key twice would work as well, I suppose.

If the target window has to accept text, can’t you make it get focus too? That should make the combo box lose focus, surely.

I had to give the Combo Box focus after giving it the text, then I could take it away by giving the window the focus. Works now, thanks!