How to talk with a dll written in c#

I would like to find a developer able to explain to me how to interface a Xojo Windows application with a DLL written in C#

Hello @Marc_COURAUD,

I made a simple example in 16 Sept 2020 of a C# DLL that is available on Github at: GitHub - eugenedakin/CSharpDLLXojo: Build a DLL in CSharp with External Functions for Xojo.

An article was written about the steps at: Create a CSharp DLL for Xojo

Does this help?

Thanks Eugene, I read your project, but I already have the DLL, I can’t re-build it.
This is what I received and what I’m trying to call in Xojo :

“We do have a Primera.Print SDK with a C# sample App (with C# source code) that shows how to use the SDK for our various printers.”
“This would allow you to build-in PrintHub features into your software without using PrintHub if that is what you are looking for.”
"Here is a link to that if you want to check it out: Primera.Print SDK - Droplr "

Can you help me from these elements?

Sure, I will try an example later tonight (12 hours or so from now) and see if I can get it working.

There are a few items of the DLL that I will need to check.

Warm regards.

ok, I’m waiting impatiently for the result :slight_smile:

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Hello @Marc_COURAUD,

I tried to run the C# program before trying code in Xojo, and I can’t seem to get it to recognize any of my installed printers. There is text which says ‘No Printer Found’ in C# MainWindow.xaml in the UpdateVariables method.

Does the C# program run on your computer?

Edit: Windows 11, Visual Studio 2022