How to store and files on server from desktop application

i am developing a windows application, i want to store my documents on a windows server.
i have created a folder on server now i want to copy files from local machine to server, i have http url of my folder.
Can anyone please tell me how can i do this ?

Have-you read: ?

Thanks Emile, but i am not getting how to pass destination path.
when i pass path to destination and checks if it is exist i get Error code as 105

This works fine on a desktop (local) files.

Do you have the permissions to write on the server ?

chetana nikam wrote that the HTTP Protocoll is used. So i’d recommend to investigate or Monkeybread Software - The MBS Xojo CURL Plugin :wink:

Sorry, I misread.

Really, no need to be sorry. Happens to all of us :slight_smile: