How to stop a downloaded Package from being seen as malicious?

I have successfully used AppWrapper to create an Installer Package and notarise it with Apple (verified in AppWrapper and via email from Apple Developer).

When I Open the just-created Package, it gives no warning and runs just fine.

But when I upload this same Package to my web site, then download it, and run is from the Downloads folder, it gives me the Malicious warning below, and won’t let me open it unless I right-click on the file and choose Open.

I thought the purpose of Apple’s Notarisation is to allow my installer to not give a warning because it had already been checked by Apple’s servers. What am I missing? How can I stop this malicious software warning?

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Check the downloaded package to see if it still shows as codesigned and notarised, because you are right: it’s notarisation that prevents that message.
Does that machine have anything that blocks internet access by process (Little Snitch?)

Maybe change its name (Bam ! Bam !) :wink:

Do not replace it with Boom ! Boom ! :wink:

(sorry, I needed some laugh, having troubles too).

False alarm — it seems that my web site host needed to have its cache flushed! Now that it is downloading the Notarised version the warning has gone away.

Sorry to bother y’all.

P.S. My wife and kids (not small anymore) came up with the name BamBam Software, as they hated the company name I used before! It seems the expression ‘Bam Bam’ or ‘Bang Bang’, in the modern parlance, is equivalent to ‘touché’, meaning all is over, complete and victorious. But I thought ‘Bang Bang’ would be unwise in this triggered (pun intended) generation.


OT: The Comic Strip “Tim Tyler’s Luck” (KFS) have a story where a character (man or beast, I forgot) was called Bam Bam…

BamBam (in many parts of the globe including Brazil) is a fictional character in the Flintstones franchise, the adopted son of Barney and Betty Rubble.


Pretty sure the Flintstones reference stands for the UK also.