How to.... SSL


just want to share my experience with setting up SSL for a standalone application. There are two helpful links.
This one here: tells you how you set up your self-signed certificate.
This one here: then tells you what to do with the two files you have created.

I am using a Mac Mini (OS X Lion) and on this I had to put in additional line breaks (one at the very top of the file and one between the two key areas).


Do you have any suggestions as where to buy an ssl certficate nowadays?

Sorry, never bought one. But I know there were issues with some SSL authorities.

Bookmarked. Thanks Andreas.

Thanks, very helpful.

Here is a market ( ), and this is the lowest cost possible I’ve found

Yes, that’s the one I use to test a payment terminal, which runs as standalone ssl webapp, here:
(I followed the blog explanations, link posted above, by Andreas)

edit: I just tried this ssl link from iPad, using Safari. It came up with warning: ‘not trustworthy’. Comodo positive-ssl does not seem to be worth the (cheap) money…

Probably a poor interpretation of Apple about the incident in 2011.
Nine certificates were revoked, not yours.

I’ve opened with no issues in Safari and Firefox.

Thanks, Rick - for feedback!