How to split equation in multiline in xojo application

I am using an function with eight argument. i am getting the output exactly for the equation . But i have equation that are very lengthy. For such lengthy equation the equation is not visible properly. i am attaching the image for a reference. Kindly help.

i have tried a splitup method which is supported by other applications

&\leq t\pot+\t…p_{s\leq\tau}|B_s^p+b^p|\\
&\leq t\pot…p\big|\\
&\leq t\pot+C…pot-CM_\tau^p\\

but this shows error in xojo application. kindly help

maybe you could try to calculate some intermediate results instead of calculating the whole expression at once.
For example you could introduce a couple of temporary variables in your method like:

dim temporaryResult1, temporaryResult2, temporaryResult3 as Double dim finalResult as Double

Then you could do for example:

[code]temporaryResult1 = …some calculations here…
temporaryResult2 = …some calculations here…
temporaryResult3 = …some calculations here…
finalResult = (temporaryResult1 + temporaryResult2) * temporaryResult3


Try using the line continuation character