How to Show Hidden Parent Window After Child Window Closes?

I have a parent window which opens a child window (both are type “Document”). When I open the child window, I hide the parent window.

The child window does not have any “Close” events for me to use! So, how do I Show the parent window after closing the child window?!

I did a search and couldn’t find anything relevant. If someone does find a prior thread that addresses this point, or even a documentation article, please feel free to link that also.

Thank you!

Why not? A Window of type ‘Document’ should have a Close Event.

Yeah, I’m really confused! :smiley:

OK, I just went back and now it has all the Events for a window. WAT?!!?!

I’ll see if I can duplicate the problem. :-/

ADD: Admins, feel free to delete this thread as a waste of space until I can duplicate the issue and repost.

Use the child window’s CancelClose event to show the parent window, then return False from the child window’s CancelClose event so that it can continue with closing.