How to setup Web on Mac Server

Hello everyone,

How do I setup the Xojo web on the Mac (Maverick) Server 3.03?

I am a Windows guy, so please be gentle with your answers :slight_smile:

Here is what I have been able to do:

I setup the default website on my local server and am able to see the default website by typing the default Server IP address (192,168.1.24). When I download the test app for deployment from the Web Deployment Overview website and place the files in the /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables folder and type the browser address, I then get the error You don’t have permission to access /XojoTest.CGI on this server.

When I view the file properties in Finder, the permissions are: Me - Read and Write, Staff - Read Only, Everyone - Read Only.

Does anyone have some helpful suggestions?

Thanks in advance, :slight_smile:


Got it…

Needed to add *.cgi to the index files and allow CGI execution. (blush)

Glad you posted as I was needing to do that very thing next week!