How to Setup SSL for CGI-WebApp?

I want to set up a SSL-Certificate in my WebApp (not standalone). I searched through the docs, but couldn’t find something.^

Can you help and describe me?


You will need to install an ssl certficate for you web server, like apache. Then you can address your cgi app over https like any other uri of your website. Ask your hosting provider on how to do that.

I got this, but there occurs an error:

if I remove the certificate the webapp works.

I thought, that I have to do something within the webapp.

[quote=103407:@Lars Lehmann]<…>
I thought, that I have to do something within the webapp.[/quote]
No, there is nothing special to be done in a cgi web app so that it could be addressed over port 443 (https). The port must not be locked down by any firewall rules though.

I have some of the xojo cgi samples running on ssl here:

Does https work for any HTML pages on your server?


Https seems to work now, on your above link

No, it does not work - I have removed the SSL-Cert. :smiley:

… But the browser on my iPad indicates a valid secured http connection with a closed lock …

yes, but this not the xojo-app, it’s an old html-page.

The Xojo-App is based at:

I did forwarding the SSL-Connection to the folder above.

I think the error is in our firewall.

[quote=103414:@Lars Lehmann]<…>
I think the error is in our firewall.[/quote]
Yes, it looks like this. I just tried to connect to your login cgi with ssl detective, which fails to connect. So there is an issue with your config.