How to set the size of a windows browser (firefox or other) to a specific size for testing?

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me how to set a firefox or other browser to a specific size so that layout can be tested?


In Firefox or Google Chrome hit Ctrl + Shift + M

Thanks Stephan.
My only other question is, why does it appear larger than the Samsung note tablet I am trying to replicate?

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Cmd-Opt-R in Safari

I would guess pixel density.

HI Tim.
That may be… but doesn’t work since the notebook is hi DPI and the tablet is not. It is no new.

@Tim Seyfarth - If you’re on a Mac, Safari has a mode called “Responsive Design Mode” which should let you do this. It’s under the Develop menu.

Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop menu in menu bar

Develop > Enter Responsive Design Mode

Then you can select a device of specify a size (there are drag handles on the sides and bottom for resizing)

Sorry, Windows10 home 64bit on a Lenovo notebook (new).

Edge seems to have a similar “developer mode”
Settings > F12 Developer Tools

In Chrome, I use an extension called Window Resizer but there are many extensions available.